Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I Will Stay Calm...

I've put long consideration into how to convey the annoyingness of Monday. I don't know if I'll be able to do it justice, but here goes:

Ok so, Monday morning = Transformative Writing 2 Workshop, which will from now on *never* be referred to as "T1". So first of all came the comedy strop of the year:
Jo: Are we going to change rooms soon?
Chris: Actually, I've decided against it.
*Stunned silence*
Me: Can't we negotiate?
Me: ...No then...
Jo: On what basis?
Which he failed to answer and which then ended in us moving rooms and him sulking for the rest of the lesson. Student pressure, huh?

Now, imagine the 3 most annoying people you can...Just to warn you that they will NEVER be as annoying as the 3 people in this one classroom.
1) First up, we have "S". She is completely crazy, obsessed with animals and claims to hate the working class because they are "common", even though she appears to LOVE Jordan...I'm getting confused.
2) Next we have "A1". This woman is bossy, finds herself beyond hilarious and loves the sound of her own voice.
3)Finally, we have "A2" or "THE MOST ANNOYING PERSON IN THE WORLD - EVER!" After telling us about his own hilarious project: "You'll laugh when you hear this", except that no one makes a sound, he proceeded to give comment to EVERY single person's project for the next 2 hours. A personal favourite of mine, regarding my work, was "If you're worried about it not being creative, you could write it in wavy line"...need I say more? Except that yes, I should! He's going to learn the piano in 2 weeks and play the lute - for a Creative Writing Project - Ok, you have fun with that. Thank you to Amy for voicing what everyone was thinking: "Why?"

I'm going to have to leave it here, I'm afraid, faithful bloggers (I'm talking to you, Michael), as I'm off to spend another hour learning about Ubersexual males with Paul the Knob.

Byeee for now!
Jenna xXx
Ps: You can now find me on Twitter. Yes, I'm officially a "Tweeter", or a "Twitterer", Or just a "Twit"...