Saturday, 8 November 2008

Good Morning, Mr President


I'm so happy I just can't even tell you. The world has been saved from the embarrassing tyranny of George W. Bush. How we lasted 8 years under that fool, I'll never understand. But luckily, we did. && for a while, it was a close call. Bush #2 almost made it to the White House. (On a slightly different note; How much of a clone is he?! If you actually close your eyes while he's talking, you can't even tell if it's him or Bush. It's crazy! I bet the Republicans just have a secret underground lair where they churn out the DNA of idiots && create hundreds of George W. Bush clones.)

Anyway...Back to Barack...(Could have used a mildly racist play on words, using the title of a certain out-of-control Jazz singer's album...but I'm not that kind of girl)

He's an actual living legend. The world has been promised a new beginning && I can't believe how lucky I am to be a part of it. From now on, we have a chance to wake up && rectify the terrible situations we find ourselves in at the moment. Throughout the next 4 years, I'm certainly going to be following him && supporting him all the way. Please bring back the American Dream, but also the Dream of the rest of the World. It's something we all deserve.

Obama: Change We Can Believe In.

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