Sunday, 3 August 2008

Oh! The Irony Of It...

I was invited to a music quiz at the pub earlier by a friend from Uni. I said I'd ask my parents for a lift (curse me && my inability to successfully operate an automobile!) && get back to her. The asking part went was just the parents that got in the way.

Answer me this; if your daughter asked for a lift, what would be the first thing you would do? Yes, that's right - have a bottle of wine! Ok, so that's that then. No trip to the music quiz for this former social retard.

Cue this MMS from friend at pub:
"This is what you're missing!"
Except, wait a minute...I can't even open MMS messages on my phone, which means...I Have No Idea What I'm Missing! I've Missed It Again! Am I Never To Know The Nature Of What I Missed? I Missed The Thing I Was Forced To Miss By My Alcoholic Parents...I have to say that the irony has not been lost on me - That's for sure!

There's just one thing I'd like to clear up at this point:
My parents aren't alcoholics...just for the record. They never have been, && maybe not ever be.
They're just incredibly selfish.

(Unrelated topic: Character development has begun. May end up as novel. May end up as screenplay. Early stages, so may even end up in the bin.)



Michael said...

oy when you gonna update this?!

The Girl With The Broken Smile said...

Asap...Maybe Today Or Maybe Tomorrow.
Probably Not But Never Mind.
Got A New Poem About The Girl With The Broken Smile I Might Post On Here...(As It Seems To Be Her Home)
Patience Is A Virtue...
It's Your Birthday!
(I'm Just Getting Together Some Witty Ideas && Jenna-isms

Michael said...

Well it all sounds spiffy, get it on up or feel the wrath of the impatient bombarding messages of a dissatisied reader who has no concept of punctuation or grammer!